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Nominated for Entrepreneur of Excellence- National Diversity Awards

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I am grateful to be able to announce that I have been nominate for the National Diversity Awards 'Entrepreneur of Excellence' award, in association with ITV News. There are some amazing nominations at the moment and its amazing that I am amongst them. 

Published: May 2020


Santander Emerging Entrepreneurs

Avila.Diana has been selected to represent the University of Southampton at the Santander Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme 2020! I am going to be a part of 80 start-ups each from a different university competing for a once in a lifetime opportunity, I can't wait to get started. I'm so grateful that there are some amazing companies and initiatives which truly see potential in what I am doing. Thank you soo much University of Southampton and Santander UK for this amazing opportunity. I would like to express an even bigger thank you to everyone who continues to support me and my business. I wouldn't be at this stage without you.
Published: May 2020

beBrave 'What I do' webinar 

I was invited to host a webinar with beBrave Network. I spoke about how I balance being a business owner, a part-time employee and final year law student. In addition to how I stay motivated.
Published: May 2020

Do Your Thing - Podcast (Listen Here) 

"In this episode I speak to Avila Diana. Avila created her greeting card business in 2018 with the hopes of overcoming stereotypes and changing the world's perceptions on underrepresented communities. As a law student, Avila is a strong advocate for human rights and representation and firmly believes that positive change can only be brought about through actions and commitment. All of the designs are created by Avila and depict marginalised groups including those with disabilities, identifying as LGBT+, ethnic minorities or problems with mental health. We discuss the importance of standing up for what you believe in, how she got started and share tips on how to start a small business."
Published: May 2020

Interview on Graduate Jobs with Adpulp

Published: April 2020

Summer Enternship

Published: 28 December 2019

BBC News Interview 

Published: 19 November 2019

International Women's Day

"Law student Avila Chidume is using her unique greeting cards to inform and inspire."
Published: 7 March 2019

 Mother's Day

"Avila Chidume has created a range of cards representing marginalised groups and ethnic minorities."
Published: 29 March 2019

SUSU Enterprise Fund

"As part of the Enterprise Fund 2018 the Students’ Union has awarded Avila Chidume £400 to support the development of her growing business."
Published: 8 January 2019

AWWAZ.FM Interview

"I will be discussing my cards and the importance of representation! I am truly grateful to be given a platform on the largest Asian and Ethnic broadcasting platform in Hampshire."
Published: 2 August 2019

Featured in Assembly

"Assembly readers in action."
Published: 31 July 2019

Featured in The Colour of Madness

"Avila has used her business to advocate for mental health and create dialogue around the lack of representation in the greeting card industry."
Published: 31 August 2019

Nominated by BYP Network

Nominated for 'Trailblazer of the Year' 2018.
Published: 18 October 2018

Featured on BBC Radio

"Avila Chidume talks about her greeting cards for minority groups Southampton law student, Avila, chats to Steph about her new venture."

Release date: 03 July 2019

Wessex Scene Interview

Wessex Scene Editor Charlotte Colombo speaks with Avila Diana Chidume, the founder of Avila.Diana, about setting up her own card business and the importance of representation across all mediums.

Published: 27 October 2019